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Staying Fit for the Elderly

Posted on Mar 21, 2016 by in Elderly Care | 0 comments

Being active is essential to one’ s health. Without it, the potential for weight gain, sickness, depression, and low energy is rather high, so it is important to maintain an exercise schedule. However, as people age, their bodies betray them by limiting their ability to perform vigorous activities. Despite becoming physically unfit, many seniors simply do not have the energy or care for working out. Therefore, those who are able should make an effort to exercise, as to strengthen their bodies and improve their health as they age.

The minimum recommended time for a work out is 15-30 minutes of an activity per day, and committing to this schedule can lead to promising results for seniors. Firstly, exercise controls how much weight one gains or loses, which can certainly help those elders who spend a large portion of their time being sedentary. Strokes and other cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by being active on a regular basis, due to physical exertion increasing production of high-density lipoproteins (HDL), which is what promotes healthy and smooth blood circulation. Not to mention, working out causes an improvement in both mood and energy, as it stimulates endorphins and confidence, so chances of becoming depressed are slimmer.

Because maintaining an active lifestyle is universally understood to be crucial in order to uphold a healthy body and mind, there are options of less vigorous workouts for senior citizens who may not possess the same energy as younger people. Senior living communities usually offer various forms of physical activity that are compatible with the care plan of elders residing there. Even if an elder doesn’t have the ability to perform at a high-intensity for long, any exercise can still be highly beneficial if consistent. A sense of independence can even be restored when an elder regains control over their body.

Conclusively, it should be encouraged that exercise is just as necessary for the elderly as it is for younger individuals. Seniors can easily access the opportunity to get in great shape as they age through programs offered by their communities, not to mention feel youthful in challenging their bodies.

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