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Massachusetts Construction Accidents

Posted on Aug 12, 2017 by in Personal Injury | 0 comments

Construction work is a necessity across the country, in order to keep buildings safe and to accommodate growing populations in many states. However, this job comes with many inherent risks, due to the use of heavy machinery and work that often occurs at great heights. When all employees and employers work together to create a safe environment, many of these dangers can be avoided. Nonetheless, negligent or careless behavior occurs frequently on job sites and can have devastating results. The Boston Globe recently reported on one such accident, which led to the death of a construction worker in Woburn, Massachusetts.

In July of 2017, a construction worker was found dead on the worksite that is renovating the Woburn public library. The worker was an employee of the Schnabel Foundation Company that had been hired as a subcontractor to work on the library’s renovation. The worker, Mark Camire, had been working on the foundation of the building when he was struck with rock. When emergency personnel arrived at the scene, he was pronounced dead. The Schabel Company is working to investigate the specifics of the accident. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), as well as the Woburn Police, are a part of this investigation. Additionally, the city officials and construction leaders have met to discuss the safety of the renovation project as well as future work on the building. The excavating corporation working on the library, W.L. French, expressed deep sadness for the loss of this long-time worker and for his family and friends, who are deeply affected by his loss.

Incidents such as this are unfortunately common across the country. Thousands of workers are injured, and hundreds are killed each year on construction worksites, often due to preventable accidents. Although the specific cause of the Camire’s death in Woburn is unknown, the subsequent investigation will help bring light to this information. It is possible that there was no way to stop this rock from harming Camire, but is also equally as likely that another worker could have helped Camire or could have stopped this event from occurring at all. This type of loss is devastating to all who knew Mark Camire, but his family especially will face the consequences of his death. Not only must they deal with the emotional pain of the loss of a loved one, but they must also manage the financial impact that the loss of income will cause.

For many families, a lost income may mean significant debt, inability to pay loans or mortgages, or even a struggle to provide basic necessities, such as food and clothing. Fortunately, in cases such as these, Camire’s loved ones may receive compensation for their losses, specifically in the event that the investigation determines negligence or recklessness as the cause of his accident. Construction accident attorneys, such as Crowe & Mulvey LLP, can help individuals and families that are the victims of these accidents understand their rights and take the appropriate action. Although financial compensation won’t bring back a lost loved one, it can help prevent additional hardship during this difficult time.

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