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Compensation for Serious Injuries

Posted on Sep 5, 2017 by in Personal Injury | 0 comments

The nervous system of our bodies is a fragile circuit. The smallest injuries can lead to life-threatening conditions and permanent damage. These injuries can lead to your inability to live your life the way you are used to, let alone work and provide for your family. Because of the serious nature of these traumatic injuries, fighting for the compensation you deserve is necessary for keeping you and your family afloat during this hard time.

In today’s age, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are more common than we think. Especially in the field of sports. There is a huge debate going through the community of football on if there should be a continuation of tackle football at the highschool level. With the students’ brains still in developmental stages of their lives, the debate is in full swing on if the sport should remain for adults.

I am aware that “Friday Night Lights” is a fictional TV Show, but this show sheds light on a very common issue and a very common reaction to the issue. Starting quarterback, Jason Street, was at the top of his game, in the process of getting recruited, so much life left to live when he went to make a tackle, but unfortunately, not with proper form. Players are taught to never lead a tackle with their head first, but Street, a quarterback who should never do much tackling, did not receive the best practice of tackling. So when Street went to tackle his opponent, he leads with his head and breaks the C7 vertebrae in his neck, leaving him paralyzed.

Street’s family decided to take legal action against his coach, Coach Eric Taylor, for not teaching their son the proper way to make a tackle. While this lawsuit caused a riff throughout the city of Dillon, the family had to make this decision to help cover their immense medical bills, and not to mention the copious amounts of pain and suffering. The lawyers at Williams Kherkher describe an injury to the nervous system (brain and spinal cord), “as a “catastrophic accident” due to the lasting and often debilitating effect they can have on a person’s life.” Jason Street was athletic, smart, young, and driven, and now he has to spend the rest of his (albeit fictional) life in a wheelchair.

While this example of serious injury may be from the world of television, it is nevertheless a perfect example of the fragile nature of these injuries, how they have the power to ruin your career, and the need to take legal action. Hiring a lawyer to deal with the legal side of your injury can let you focus on your recovery, while the financial burden is being taken care of. Recovery is not an easy process, it is long, tiresome, and draining, so you should not have to deal with monetary setbacks on top of that.

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