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Common Dangers in Swimming Pools

Posted on Apr 25, 2017 by in Swimming Pool Accidents | 0 comments

Common Dangers in Swimming Pools

When it comes to accidents, swimming pools are not the first things that come into your mind. But did you know that swimming pools can be dangerous enough to cause injuries, and on the worst cases, even death?

Those who are in swimming pools and those who are near them are vulnerable not just to drowning and its associated complications, but also to broken bones, lung diseases, and skin damages. The accidents that may cause these conditions are even worse if they are the result of the negligence of the swimming pool owners or similar parties.

According to the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, those who have been injured in swimming and diving accidents may have legal options, such as getting compensation from the responsible parties. But what are the common dangers in and around swimming pools that put you at risk?

  • Absence of fences around the swimming pool, making it too accessible for persons who should not be in the water, such as unsupervised children and mentally challenged individuals
  • Absence of instructions and warnings, particularly those that involve safety, such as food disallowance instructions and water depth warnings
  • Absence of safety services, such as lifeguards who can look after those who are in the pool and security guards who can look after those who are around the pool, or the incompetence or negligence of available safety service units
  • Defective pool equipment and facilities, such as overly powerful drains that may cause entrapment and ill-maintained diving boards and stairs that may cause slipping and falling accidents
  • Slippery objects, especially those that are near swimming pools, such as molds at the edge of the pool that may make unsuspecting passers slip
  • Overuse of chemicals such as chlorine in the swimming pool, making them too harmful for those who are in the pool

But as persons who want to have good times in swimming pools, we should also not rely on property owners to be safe. We should do our own measures to stay away from danger.

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